Old Josh lived on the Hightower Plantation wherever chores were untrammeled and entertainment had to be factory-made by it self, or by those who yearned-for it. He: Josh was a agricultural labourer once he was young, rear in his 80s; he as well fed the pigs, milked cows, churned-up drinkable into butter; his son now went almost husking maize. I say in a if you sought fun, you had to brainstorm it, peculiarly in those far off life in Alabama.

His sister was raised suchlike him, on the onshore Hightower owned; his spouse died here and his two sons were up there.

Today his job was to motion necks, yellow necks. He didn't psyche doing it, not a bad job, this was during the life of the civil war, 1863-64, once state for the salves were man churned righteous same the food. Most of what old Josh lived on was bacon, quick bread and gobs of cabbage, and a smite of fearful now and after.

His sons Silas and Toby were both men now, and tried for the utmost bit to hold on to old Josh in a number of concerned of calm mood, he was or could be rather riotous.

Old grandma settled the provisions for the Hightower boys, she'd round the bell and the hot biscuits and cellular chicken would be ready; old Josh would go down to the brook past and fish, pick up those catfish, and a squirrel, and cordon bleu them up, and spawn mirthful sounds like: dingdong ring, ding-a-ring, dissembling he was career the Hightower boys for their meals. Oh he didn't dislike the boys, or even the Hightower's, he was meet a sound resentful, and so once it was in work time, he'd go field sport habitually to spitefulness them in his soundless way.

-He was today, at the brook fishing, talking to himself, and doing his small bell leap. The inaccessible was his acceleration. Today Silas was sounding for him, and recovered him fishing, a cable on his big toe, and two fish cooking, parturition put money on on a pound beside his coat below his external body part.

"I ain' better-known ...Look suchlike he wants to git out er draggin' dis here cord all the distance downward the Mississ-ippy. Woops-he gon, he guh see him kin like me I suppose. Who wid him? (he looked deep into the ethel waters)"

(Yes the fish escaped, and Silas was looking low on him, and old Josh knew, that's why he was discussion the was he was of course; he had looked for him rear legs at the barn, saying, "Ain' common man wid him he leftmost present by his self." And he got afraid just about his papa, and went sounding.)

(Silas) "I sho' ain't loves to ramble 'round des present jungle by my lonesome, You aint tokenish nothing' to eat wid ya!"

(Josh) "I recken dte old fish essential er had some benevolent er trouble"

(Silas approaches his male parent closer, helps him up, takes him on final to his shanty)

(Silas) "Yous sho' looks close to you loves to fish deese present creek by you self."

(It before long would be twilit)

Note: Episode Five 8/2005/Revised 11/2005



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