Jewel has released a dandy of a CD qualified Alice In Wonderland.

It's an first-rate set of gorgeous ballads and piquant introspection, and she has ne'er sounded bigger articulating her typical territories of enthusiasm and be keen on.

The peak plain distinguishing of Alice In Wonderland is how completely unstrained the vocals are on the CD. With songs like Good Day and Again and Again clearly, the newborn woman who wrote Pieces of You has adult up.

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Other gems on this CD embrace the 1000 Miles Away and Long Slow Slide.

Alice In Wonderland is likely Jewel's most favourable freedom to mean solar day. Very pleasurable.

Jewel's sound is nonmoving strikingly apparent and her gift to phone in and out of air is only grotesque.

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Overall Alice In Wonderland is an admirable emancipation. What I call, essential have auditory communication. I afford it two thumbs up.

While this entire CD is brilliant the truly standout tunes are Again and Again [track 1], Goodbye Alice in Wonderland [track 3], and Drive To You [track 8]. My Bonus Pick, and the one that got Sore [ in "Stuck On REpeat"] is path 13, 1000 Miles Away. Very nice!

Release Notes:

Jewel primitively free Goodbye Alice In Wonderland on May 2, 2006 on the Atlantic narrative description.

CD course document follows:

1. Again and Again

2. Long Slow Slide

3. Goodbye Alice in Wonderland

4. Good Day

5. Satellite

6. Only One Too

7. Words Get In the Way

8. Drive To You

9. Last Dance Rodeo

10. Fragile Heart

11. Stephenville, TX

12. Where You Are

13. 1000 Miles Away

Personnel include: Jewel (vocals, auditory stringed instrument); Rob Cavallo, Tim Pierce, Greg Suran (guitar); Jamie Muhoberac (piano, keyboards); Paul Bushnell, John Pierce (bass stringed instrument); Dorian Crozier (drums, programming); Luis Conte (percussion).



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