So who Accredits the Accreditors?

One state of affairs you entail to cognise is that not all college enfranchisement associations are authorised. It is not unwonted to see a sheepskin works creating its own accrediting sway and next granting itself "Accreditation". This is an important reason to facial expression at past you make your home somewhere for the maintain that your college is licenced.

How do you know whether a body or university is ascribed by a morganatic authority? You should be able to notify that really efficiently because in the United States, there are two organizations that certify the accreditors. These are:

  • The Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) which is a unpaid nongovernmental organization
  • The United States department of Education

Over 70 accrediting associations in the United States are predictable by any CHEA or the U.S Department of Education. Sometimes the school or university may be recognized by both.

Established in 1976 CHEA was verified finished the hard work of a troop of school and body presidents and it is in charge to its extremity institutions of complex basic cognitive process. It besides acts of the apostles as a clearinghouse on certification for the better pedagogy institutions.

For Canadian accreditation, all the schools are regulated by provincial governments as economically as numerous agencies that execute this manoeuvre for professional programs at some college man and postgraduate levels. If a academy or body is a extremity of the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada, then it is assumptive that the organization is providing fitting and credible activity.

So since you claim a school or body has the word-perfect accreditation, corroborate with the respective accrediting authorities.



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